Anger breeds more anger

“I left that situation in tears because I was in a rage”

Fights and troubles – some we win and some we lose, but what happens when we don’t have the opportunity to find out if we won? My name is Emmanuel and this is my testimony.

My life was plagued by fights, simply because I couldn’t control my temper. I found myself in fights that I could have avoided, if I’d simply controlled my temper. One of these occasions was at secondary school ­– I got in a heated argument with a school mate over a small matter, I honestly could have walked away, but because I wanted to prove I was tough, we got into a serious fight. After a long brawl we were separated and I found blood all over my school uniform. He had landed a punch on my lips and I was bleeding profusely. I still have the scar on my lip and every time I look in the mirror, I am reminded of that day.

Fast forward a year and my life has been transformed by no other than Jesus Christ Himself. My anger has disappeared. I’ve had worse troubles since my school days but the grace of Jesus has transformed me completely and my anger is a thing of the past.

More recently, a person in authority tried to cheat my family, I had the chance to report him to his superiors which would have ended his career. Jesus softened my heart so i didn’t act from a place of anger or revenge. I left that situation in tears because I was in such a rage, but thanks to Jesus I was calmed. I have learned that it is OK to cry.

You too can enjoy a life with your temper totally under your control, that’s possible through the life of God, which is in Christ Jesus. I stand as a living testimony to this truth.

Anger is an emotion we must conquer, it may cause you to say things that will damage people’s lives and bring regret to your own life. It is ok to be angry, but it doesn’t need to lead you to making wrong choices that will destroy your life: And “don’t sin by letting anger control you.” Don’t let the sun go down while you are still angry, Ephesians 4:26

God does have a good plan for your life and will help you overcome any problems you have with anger. A gentle answer deflects anger, but harsh words make tempers flare. Proverbs 15:1

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As testified by Emmanuel

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