Learning to Trust

A week before my student visa expired I had no job offers…

God has been so good to me and each day I learn how sovereign He is. I am a foreign student in the UK recently finishing my Masters degree with distinction. Staying to developing a career in the UK was my vision and so I started applying for jobs.

I asked God for a job that would sponsor my work visa. Not long after graduating,  I was offered a job in my field of study. A month in, I was told the organisation could not sponsor me as my salary fell below the required threshold. This was 8 weeks before my student visa was due to expire. Naturally I panicked! What’s worse, I was told it would be impossible for my Manager to increase my salary since I’d only been on the job for a month. But with Matthew 19:26 in mind (all things are possible with God) I decided to ask anyway. He said he’d look into it but advised me to apply for another job.

I felt disappointed but nonetheless, I started applying for jobs, which led to interviews. Unfortunately, these interviews did not lead to offers.

A friend from church reminded me about Sarah in Hebrews 11:11 and how she held on to God’s promise and remained faithful to Him. I believe God used my friend to talk to me because I immediately felt my faith renewed. I felt peace within me and I just knew God was going to sort everything out. And in that very moment I accepted whatever the outcome because I understood God’s love for me Matthew 6:26.

A week before my student visa expired with no job offers, I got a message from my manager to say the increment had been approved and they would sponsor my visa. Furthermore, my application was successfully approved by the Home office.

I have learnt that God is never in a hurry but always on time. He knows what is best for us and grants our requests in His perfect timing or He gives us something better than we had hoped for. I have learnt according to Proverbs 3:5 to trust in God and to put Him first in everything I do and He will bless me with the things I need Matthew 6:33

All that I am, I am because He loves me.

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As testified by Jennifer


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