Finding Purpose

“God will make provision for YOUR vision”

There are many words I can use to describe my testimony but the one that stands out most is resilience. Instead of me giving you a definition of resilience here is a poem I wrote called “set free”.

I have been set free
Free to be the king that I’ve always been
Set free
Free to see things I’ve always seen
Set free
Free to be who I was made to be
I have been set free

They tried to derail my plans
Tried to blind me from seeing the truth
The truth that is who I am
They tried to sell me a cheap lie and I bought it
Made me garments of shame and depression and i wore it
tried to bury me in the ground
They thought I would disappear without a sound

Tried to bury me in the ground
They hoped I would forget I was given crown
But what they didn’t bank on
Was like a seed the more dirt they buried me under the more nutrients I received
What they didn’t bank on
Was the deeper they dug me
The more that I would believe
That if I ever I managed to make it back out
I must truly be a king

Now let them watch
as i rise out of the pit they dug for me
Let them watch
as my leaves grow stronger than they can ever be
Let them watch
as my plant bears fruit unbearable to thee
Because what they didn’t perceive
is by them attempting to bury me
They truly set me free.

Since filming my testimony God has continued to be faithful and merciful to me. I have continued writing and had the opportunity to perform in front of massive crowds all around the world. I am now doing music along with poetry and working full time for a Christian youth charity called XLP.

If you want to see more of my work or just follow the journey God is taking me on; follow me on Instagram @shakiiofficial and twitter@shakiipoetry

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