Beauty for Ashes

“I was molested at the age of 13”

God took a broken, confused, hurt little 13 year old girl and made her the woman she is today; preaching around the world, singing, teaching, pastoring and more.

I am a living witness, God will give beauty for ashes and today I choose to use my ashes not as those in mourning but give off a sweet smelling fragrance and light the path of another coming behind that they too can make it through.

God’s Word can’t return void but accomplish what He pleases and it shall prosper in the thing whereto it was sent!! Isaiah 55:11 This is the promise!

ALLSTARS: Juanita Francis Testimony

Testified ALLSTARS: Juanita Francis INTERVIEW by Pastor Oliver

Testified ALLSTARS: Juanita Francis Gallery

Find out more about Juanita Francis at…
Instagram – juanitafrancis
Twitter – @juanita_francis

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