Perfectly unqualified

“From the streets of Croydon to Buckingham Palace”

Being born in Zimbabwe, I never thought I would be called to politics. After all I wanted to be an NBA basketball player and nothing was going to stop me. Except God of course. I am really glad he did and after recording my testimony he continued to show me that as long as I put him first, everything will fall into place. I have been in rooms with world leaders, social media influencers and even sports stars representing Christ in the political sphere. The very thing that has brought my country to its knees will be the very thing that God wants to use for his purpose. I hope you watch my testimony not in recognition of what I have achieved but in what God has done through me.

————————WACH HARRY TESTIMONY ————————–

For the Lord your God is He who goes with you, to fight for you against your enemies, to save you. Deuteronomy 20:4


Find out more about Harry on Instagram @harryphinda| Twitter @harryphinda


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