Life or Death

“I suffered from rejection, I tried to please everyone”

Born second of four to a dysfunctional family, I would often search for my place. My parents expected a boy. So in an effort to receive love and recognition I tried to play the part of a good “son”. I suffered from rejection, and in trying to please everyone i tried everything, homosexuality, fornication, alcohol and yet life still seemed empty. I ran from experience to experience, toxic relationship to toxic relationship.

Then I met someone who saved me and became my friend, Jesus Christ! He introduced me to my real Father: God himself, the Creator of heaven and earth. He gives me more love than I can fathom. As a singer and an artist my favourite scripture is Psalm 150:6 Let everything that has breath praise the Lord! The Lord is my redeemer! He transformed me! Everyday he shows me my value through my husband and beautiful daughter.

The Lord gave me a family who speak my language! We love to express ourselves through art, music, design, writing. Worship and praise Him with the gifts the Almighty gives you!

Find out more Instagram:@f.emydee (personal) (business) twitter: @JDALIZ_studio

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