Love beyond the wounds

“The truth of my past sexual abuse escaped my lips”

The year leading up to my eighteenth birthday was, to put it nicely, interesting. Between trying to finish school yet, miserably failing, a dysfunctional relationship, finally dealing with my father’s death after 12 years of burying the wounds, admitting to & trying to deal with the multiple sexual abuses that broke my childhood, plus other bumps and bruises along the way- I was lost. I came to Christ having previously been an atheist. I was still wounded by much, scarred by experiences I tried to forget, even after surrendering to Jesus.

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Finding Family

‘I’m adopted, so being told i was infertile was tough’

It’s something I’m still dealing with, I won’t say getting through because there are still times when I feel discouraged. I’m dealing with the feelings that come with loneliness. I used to feel unworthy of human love.

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